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We provide hotel guests with the tools, structure and motivation to get—and stay—fit and healthy. 

our program structure is a health and wellness program developed to act as a resource for the modern traveler’s healthy and happy lifestyle. No matter which partner hotel you stay in, our structured program exists within each of our partner hotels' health and fitness infrastructure—offering a virtual health and wellness retreat right at your hotel. From fitness and spa programs, to our specially designed healthy eating options and weight loss programs, all are accessible through an easy-to-use, mobile, web-based portal.



Hotel has developed structured workout routines based on the length of your hotel stay, ranging from 1 to 7 nights with workouts divided by concentrated muscle groups or full body workouts. The workouts--which range from beginner to advanced--include in-room and outside workouts, and cardio and strength building. Each workout has been specifically designed to each individual hotel facility, based on its existing equipment/amenities and the guests' level of fitness. 


Our programs are specifically created to keep you motivated and engaged on your path to healthy living by developing workouts that are fun, varied and interesting. We provide mix-and-match exercises, equipment and amenities.  It is no surprise that doing the same exercises with the same machines day after day loses its appeal and effect after time. Consequently, we mix things up to keep you interested, motivated and to maximize your workout, with all routines refreshed on a monthly basis. 


For hotels that may have an existing fitness program infrastructure (classes with instruction), we highlight and incorporate these offerings as another choice in our overall healthy programming.  



Hotel Healthy has developed a healthy custom menu paired with each of our participating existing food services. Now you can stay within the comforts of your hotel with a structured healthy meal and optional weight loss program. We focus on our partner’s current offerings and specialties, developing a simple healthy eating plan for all meals and snacks during your stay.  Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds, become educated on how to eat healthier or use your stay to begin or continue on a path to health and longevity, we provide the tools and guidance to make this happen. 


Changing your eating routines and habits is definitely not easy. But using travel and hotel visits that take you outside of your general routine and everyday blockers is the perfect opportunity to focus on healthy living. 



Rest, relaxation and stress reduction is a very important part of the healthy living path. For those participating hotels that have existing spa programs in place, highlights and recommends these services as part of our healthy living program. From saunas and hot tubs to full-treatment offerings, all are incorporated into the hotels' customized existing programming. 

Weight Loss & Body Toning Program


For individuals looking for a fun, safe, educational and effective program to tone and lose weight, offers a unique, easy-to-follow program that include workouts, daily routines (such as after-meal walks) and meal plans (focusing on in-house hotel restaurant meal options).  


Imagine spending a week at a work conference or vacationing at a resort, while being guided and educated in healthy living.  Our guests come home a little lighter and motivated--and on a path to healthy living--while staying at their favorite hotel!  


Our 7-day program is just the beginning, and should be continued over a longer period of time for continuous and maximum results when you return home or travel to your next destination. 


The focus of our program is to use your hotel stay--whether for work or leisure--as the catalyst to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle.  While you may lose weight, feel a little stronger and leaner, or sleep a bit better after the first week, results will clearly start to show the longer you make these routines a regular part of your lifestyle. 


What makes the program so unique? 


Every tool you need to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle is at your disposal at the hotel. This makes it the perfect place to start, without the distractions you might find back home.  From structured fitness and meal programs to relaxation of mind, body and soul at in-house spas, the program converts each participating hotel into a health and wellness spa retreat.

Amenities & Specials


Not every guest is interested in a gym, class or structured workout. So we identify and incorporate as many healthy on-site and nearby off-site amenity and program options as possible. From hotel pool swim workouts, walking, running and hiking routes, to bicycle rental, kayaking and walking tours, we highlight and develop these program options, which can be incorporated into your healthy stay. 


Many of our partner hotels highlight specials and unique healthy activities on and off property. These can be identified through the web portal and booked directly with our partner hotel.   



Some hotel partners have limited health facilities. Or some guests are not interested in leaving the comforts of their room. Or others simply do not have the time to get in a full workout. Unique to, we have created a series of more than 30 in-room workout videos based on time and interests. These include Pilates, tone and sculpt, total body, boot camp and specific workouts for tennis, golf and skiing.

Need more information? Looking for a more detailed sample program? Download a detailed sample workout!


We are constantly working with our partner hotels to improve our offerings. If there´s something that you´d like to see more of or that you fthink should be part of what we offer, tweet us at @hotel_healthy or send us an email at

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