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With our structured fitness, weight loss and meal programs—coupled with the relaxation of mind, body and soul at in-house spas—the program converts each of our participating hotels into your own health and spa retreat.


As a wellness and travel company, we personally know that staying healthy on the road is not easy. Traveling away from home without daily schedules and routines leads to unhealthy habits, including lack of exercise and poor diet. We decided to create a structured and easily accessible health, wellness and weight loss mobile system where guests have the opportunity to follow the path to a healthy and long life, while staying at participating hotels and resorts.


What makes the program so unique is that every tool you need to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle is already at your hotel, making it the perfect place to stay fit, eat healthy, and rejuvenate. With our structured fitness, weight loss and meal programs—coupled with the relaxation of mind, body and soul at in-house spas—the program converts each of our participating hotels into your own health and spa retreat.

Our inspiration comes from many real-life stories, such as those of Stephen and Cathy, today´s typical business travelers.

Stephen´s Story: Stephen is a successful 45-year-old attorney with three small children. His job requires him to travel more than 5 days a week to destinations around the globe. Earlier in life, he was extremely active. Team sports and healthy living were a major part of his lifestyle. However, as a very successful executive, his work, travel and family obligations have taken precedence. Days are filled with flights and meetings away from home and his family. Evenings are typically spent unwinding in his hotel room, watching TV, catching up on emails and ordering room service. This existence has caused an increase in pounds, stress, cholesterol levels and heart problems. While Stephen knows he should go to the hotel gym, he does not have the motivation or structure to do so. "I stay in so many different hotels, each with different health facilities and food menus, it is difficult to develop a general workout and eating routine to stay healthy," he says. "I have become successful professionally, but with this lifestyle, I have become very unhealthy."


Stephen sees as his answer. This type of healthy structure, no matter where he travels, gives him the motivation and support to maintain a healthy lifestyle: "No matter where I travel in the world—and I usually stay in the same brand of hotels to build my points—I have a health and fitness system in place, which guides me on exercise and food. Even better, I can pick-up where I left off when I travel from city to city. Now, when I return home for a limited time, I can spend it with my family, instead of trying to cram in ineffective workouts."

Cathy´s Story: Another example is the story of Cathy, a traveler who strives to maintain her healthy lifestyle. As a successful scientist, she is on the road almost 50 percent of the year, collaborating and presenting research. When she travels, she selects her lodging options based on the hotel´s facilities. However, she consistently encounters inconsistent workout apparatus and a lack of healthy food options in hotels. She says, "After a long, tiring day, I don´t want to have to figure out a new workout routine at each hotel I travel based on their equipment offerings, plus I don´t want to leave my hotel to search for places to eat, but many times I have no other choice. I can´t survive on just salads and get the nutrients and calories my body requires for my active lifestyle. Many places believe a salad is a healthy option, but they don´t realize it is filled with empty calories. Even when I travel on vacation with my family, the hotel or resort must have adequate workout facilities and healthy eating. It is a must for me and my family!"


Cathy´s see´s as her answer: A structured program in a changing environment is what Cathy is looking for without having to leave the comfort of her hotel or resort: "Having a choice of structured workouts ready for me based on the type of equipment available at that hotel is ideal. I actually get to learn new fitness programs and get exposure on how to use a lot of different fitness equipment. Instead of the same, sometimes boring monotonous workouts I continuously do, this is a fun and effective way to mix up my routine giving me better results. Food menus at the hotel are also structured for the way I like and need to eat, plus I do not have to leave my hotel."


The Hotel Healthy Program is designed to benefit all individuals from different walks of life. Whether you prefer yoga or running, pilates or weight lifting, there is something in our program for every guest to enjoy. We make sure to include a wide variety of exercises and guides, allowing beginners to start routines without unwanted stress while still offering new challenges for the more advanced and fitness-focused traveler.

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