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Our Focus: To the business traveler or vacationer, who has to choose from an abundance of hotel / resort options, now has the ability to choose a hotel that can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Hotels endeavor to find ways to build brand loyalty, increase occupancy and create additional revenue from in house services and amenities. gives participating hotels the opportunity for just this by converting each hotel existing health, wellness and food & beverage infrastructure into a structured virtual health & wellness destination. Our program is specifically customized to each hotel by guiding the guest into the use and purchase of the existing (but now modified) on-site health & wellness infrastructure.


Our Focus: To the business traveler or vacationer, who has to choose from an abundance of hotel / resort options, now has the ability to choose a hotel that can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.


*Most hotels have some type of fitness infrastructure in place, usually a room with equipment and 24hr access, a spa and maybe a pool but no set program, guidance or motivation in place to have guests actually use these facilities. The guest may want to, and probably know they should, but do not have the motivation, guidance or knowledge to do so. creates all of this in one easily accessible mobile website customized specifically to the hotels existing health infrastructure creating a virtual health & wellness resort right at your hotel.


The Healthy Image: As part of, participating hotels project an image of health, healthy living and more importantly that they are compassionate and care about their client´s wellbeing and longevity in today´s stressful work environment. The participating hotel is now seen as a positive haven for rest, relaxation and the option for healthy living and long life; all influences in attracting and growing their brand and brand loyalty.

Our Mission to Our Hotel Partners 

  1. Creating Revenue:

    • Use of in-house paid amenities: Keeping hotel guest on-site using and spending on in-house amenities and paid services. 

    • Increased occupancy: Attracting guest through a unique product that converts each partner hotel into a virtual health & wellness resort while being combined with a highlighted digital marketing promotion platform 

    • Brand loyalty: Attracting clients to one particular hotel brand knowing that no matter which hotel in the chain they may travel to, they have the ability to continue with their partner hotel on a structured healthy living path 

    • No additional infrastructure investment: No additional outlay of resources including infrastructure investment or management / manpower: uses our partners existing (but now modified) hotel health, fitness and food & beverage infrastructure. We develop, implement, manage, maintain and update the entire program through our mobile web based portal. 

    • Image Enhancement: Hotels continuously try to separate themselves from the competition through unique life enhancing partnerships and promotions whether it´s partnering with specific brands of sports ware to mattress companies. with its partnering hotels has the ability to provide guests with real positive change and enhanced lifestyles where guest actually feel and live better!

How we do this – Simple!


  1. Inspection 

    Our first step is an in-depth analysis of the properties amenities and current offerings including: Workout facilities, fitness equipment, fitness programming, aquatics, F & B services, spa program, hotel location - in order to develop our run & walk routing and program plus any additional healthy area amenities with an emphasis on highlighting the hotels location. 


  2. Creation 

    Based on our partners hotels current infrastructure we create a custom fully structure healthy living & weight loss program based on stays from 1 to 7+ nights through our mobile web application. This includes cardio and strength programming using all on-site amenities, in room workouts, healthy eating program paired with the partner hotels current F & B offerings, spa programming, running & walking routing and any additional amenities our partner hotel is interested in highlighting. 


  3. Launch 

    The customized program is added to the mobile website and highlighted as a partner hotel & destination. Our partner hotel is supplied with customized signage and promotional materials highlighting their program. The Hotel is supplied with user name and passwords for their guests to access their site. 


  4. Maintenance 

    As a partner, customized program are fully updated and changed on a monthly basis to keep the program fresh and effective. Partner hotels have the options of continuously highlighting / promoting any specials, amenities or services through their site. 


  5. Marketing: 

    Being a partner offers a multitude of benefits for hoteliers. In addition to receiving access to an exclusive health and wellness portal tailored specifically to suit your hotel´s amenities, services and offerings, also provides our partner hotels (all included as part of your monthly subscription) with numerous targeted avenues of online promotional services. 

A great deal of´s marketing is conducted through digital means. As such, each partner is included in the search engine and pay-per-click marketing campaigns that are created for our site. When we promote on various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, we continually promote our partners by utilizing their specific key phrases, resulting in more interactions with potential guests online. 

As a member of, your hotel is endorsed through a variety of social media channels as well. These may include, but are not limited to, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. By making use of a variety of social media channels, we are able to highlight each hotel´s various offerings and unique amenities, allowing each partner to truly shine. 

In addition to these services, also participates in email blasts, online newsletters, e-newspapers, press releases, conventions (tech, health and travel) and feature articles to further bring attention to our partners´ properties. These methods all come together to provide an informative and helpful experience to potential guests and added online and conventional market recognition for our partners.

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